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The Positive Switching Fluorescent Protein Padron2 Enables Live-Cell Reversible Saturable Optical Linear Fluorescence Transitions (RESOLFT) Nanoscopy without Sequential Illumination Steps.(Open Access) Konen T, Stumpf D, (...), Jakobs SACS Nano2021
Congenic expression of poly-GA but not poly-PR in mice triggers selective neuron loss and interferon responses found in C9orf72 ALS.(Open Access) LaClair KD, Zhou Q, (...), Edbauer DActa Neuropathologica2020
MOG-expressing teratoma followed by MOG-IgG-positive optic neuritis(Open Access) Wildemann B, Jarius S, Franz J, Ruprecht K, Reindl M, Stadelmann CActa Neuropathologica2020
Hemorrhagic lesion with detection of infected endothelial cells in human bornavirus encephalitis(Open Access) Liesche-Starnecker F, Schifferer M, (...), Finck TActa Neuropathologica2022
Lack of astrocytes hinders parenchymal oligodendrocyte precursor cells from reaching a myelinating state in osmolyte-induced demyelination.(Open Access) Lohrberg M, Winkler A, (...), Barrantes-Freer AActa Neuropathologica Communications2020
Molecular Signature of Astrocytes for Gene Delivery by the Synthetic Adeno‐Associated Viral Vector rAAV9P1(Open Access) Bauer A, Puglisi M, (...), Brack‐Werner RAdvanced Science2022
Plasma lipidomics of monozygotic twins discordant for multiple sclerosis.(Open Access) Penkert H, Lauber C, (...), Simons MAnnals of Clinical and Translational Neurology2020
Cellular and Molecular Determinants of Retinal Cell FatePetridou E, Godinho LAnnual Review of Vision Science2022
2-Methoxyestradiol and its derivatives inhibit store-operated Ca2+ entry in T cells: Identification of a new and potent inhibitor.(Open Access) Löhndorf A, Hosang L, (...), Guse AHBiochimica et Biophysica Acta-Molecular Cell Research2021
2-Methoxyestradiol-3,17-O,O-bis-sulfamate inhibits store-operated Ca(2+) entry in T lymphocytes and prevents experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.Hosang L, Löhndorf A, (...), Flügel ABiochimica et Biophysica Acta-Molecular Cell Research2023