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Working Groups RG Gärtner
Open AccessOpen Access Yes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Peer ReviewedYes
PMIDPubMed ID 36789546
DOIDOI 10.15252/emmm.202114837
Publication Year2023
TitleDrug screening identifies tazarotene and bexarotene as therapeutic agents in multiple sulfatase deficiency
JournalEMBO Molecular Medicine
Journal AbbreviationEMBO Mol Med
AuthorsSchlotawa L, Tyka K, Kettwig M, Ahrens‐Nicklas RC, Baud M, Berulava T, Brunetti‐Pierri N, Gagne A, Herbst ZM, Maguire JA, Monfregula J, Pena T, Radhakrishnan K, Schröder S, Waxman EA, Ballabio A, Dierks T, Fischer A, French DL, Gelb MH, Gärtner J
First AuthorSchlotawa L
Last AuthorGärtner J

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 GSE205555  NCBI GEO Dataset (GSE205555)

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 0000-0002-7415-4905  ORCID identifier (Lars Schlotawa)

 0000-0002-4169-1675  ORCID identifier (Karolina Tyka)

 0000-0003-4804-7716  ORCID identifier (Matthias Kettwig)

 0000-0003-3714-4350  ORCID identifier (Matthias Baud)

 0000-0002-6895-8819  ORCID identifier (Nicola Brunetti-Pierri)

 0000-0002-5636-4618  ORCID identifier (Alyssa Gagne)

 0000-0002-9329-8912  ORCID identifier (Tonatiuh Pena Centeno)

 0000-0003-1731-7410  ORCID identifier (Karthikeyan Radhakrishnan)

 0000-0003-4562-7969  ORCID identifier (Elisa A. Waxman)

 0000-0003-1381-4604  ORCID identifier (Andrea Ballabio)

 0000-0001-8546-1161  ORCID identifier (André Fischer)

 0000-0003-4108-7109  ORCID identifier (Jutta Gärtner)

 656  Published Data Registry entry (MBExC)

 1/132  Research Data Archive MBExC (supplemental material)

 043j0f473  ROR identifier (043j0f473, German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases)

 05xy1nn52  ROR identifier (05xy1nn52, Multiscale Bioimaging)

 021ft0n22  ROR identifier (021ft0n22, University Medical Center Göttingen)

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