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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Synaptogenic gene therapy with FGF22 improves circuit plasticity and functional recovery following spinal cord injury(Open Access) Aljović A, Jacobi A, (...), Bareyre FMEMBO Molecular Medicine2023
Targeting B Cells and Microglia in Multiple Sclerosis With Bruton Tyrosine Kinase InhibitorsDybowski S, Torke S, Weber MSJAMA Neurology2023
Drug screening identifies tazarotene and bexarotene as therapeutic agents in multiple sulfatase deficiency(Open Access) Schlotawa L, Tyka K, (...), Gärtner JEMBO Molecular Medicine2023
Membrane lipid remodeling modulates γ-secretase processivity(Open Access) Dawkins E, Derks RJ, (...), Steiner HJournal of Biological Chemistry2023
Antibodies Against Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase 65 Are Locally Produced in the CSF and Arise During Affinity Maturation(Open Access) Biljecki M, Eisenhut K, (...), Thaler FSNeurology-Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation2023
Exploiting moderate hypoxia to benefit patients with brain disease: Molecular mechanisms and translational research in progress(Open Access) Ehrenreich H, Gassmann M, (...), Miskowiak KNeuroprotection2023
Shared inflammatory glial cell signature after brain injury, revealed by spatial, temporal and cell-type-specific profiling of the murine cerebral cortex(Open Access) Koupourtidou C, Schwarz V, (...), Ninkovic JbioRxiv2023
Myelination generates aberrant ultrastructure that is resolved by microglia.Djannatian M, Radha S, (...), Simons MJournal of Cell Biology2023
Remyelination by surviving oligodendrocytes is inefficient in the inflamed mammalian cortex.Mezydlo A, Treiber N, (...), Kerschensteiner MNeuron2023
Neural dynamics and architecture of the heading direction circuit in zebrafish.(Open Access) Petrucco L, Lavian H, Wu YK, Svara F, Štih V, Portugues RNature neuroscience2023