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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
CSF and venous blood flow from childhood to adulthood studied by real-time phase-contrast MRI(Open Access) Sahoo P, Kollmeier JM, (...), Dreha-Kulaczewski SChilds Nervous System2024
Folate receptor α deficiency – Myelin‐sensitive MRI as a reliable biomarker to monitor the efficacy and long‐term outcome of a new therapeutic approach(Open Access) Dreha‐Kulaczewski S, Sahoo P, (...), Gärtner JJournal of Inherited Metabolic Disease2024
L-Lactate Treatment at 24 h and 48 h after Acute Experimental Stroke Is Neuroprotective via Activation of the L-Lactate Receptor HCA1(Open Access) Geiseler SJ, Hadzic A, (...), Morland CInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences2024
Long term follow-up in GAMT deficiency – Correlation of therapy regimen, biochemical and in vivo brain proton MR spectroscopy data(Open Access) Marten LM, Krätzner R, (...), Dreha-Kulaczewski SMolecular Genetics and Metabolism Reports2024
Direct neuronal reprogramming of NDUFS4 patient cells identifies the unfolded protein response as a novel general reprogramming hurdleSonsalla G, Malpartida AB, (...), Masserdotti GNeuron2024
IntelliR: A comprehensive and standardized pipeline for automated profiling of higher cognition in mice(Open Access) Gastaldi VD, Hindermann M, (...), Ehrenreich HbioRxiv2024
Validating a minipig model of reversible cerebral demyelination using human diagnostic modalities and electron microscopy(Open Access) Ancău M, Tanti GK, (...), Hemmer BeBioMedicine2024
In-situ architecture of the human prohibitin complex(Open Access) Lange F, Ratz M, (...), Jakobs SbioRxiv2024
B cells orchestrate tolerance to the neuromyelitis optica autoantigen AQP4(Open Access) Afzali AM, Nirschl L, (...), Korn TNature2024
Plasma Lipidomic Profiling Using Mass Spectrometry for Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis and Disease Activity Stratification (LipidMS)(Open Access) Lattau SSJ, Borsch L, (...), Fitzner DInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences2024