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Working Groups RG Götz, RG Ninkovic
Open AccessOpen Access Yes
Publication TypePreprint
Peer ReviewedNo
DOIDOI 10.1101/2023.02.24.529840
Publication Year2023
TitleShared inflammatory glial cell signature after brain injury, revealed by spatial, temporal and cell-type-specific profiling of the murine cerebral cortex
ISSNno ISSN (NLM ID:101680187)
Journal AbbreviationbioRxiv
AuthorsKoupourtidou C, Schwarz V, Aliee H, Frerich S, Fischer-Sternjak J, Bocchi R, Simon-Ebert T, Dichgans M, Goetz M, Theis FJ, Ninkovic J
First AuthorKoupourtidou C
Last AuthorNinkovic J

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