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Working Groups RG Bareyre, RG Kerschensteiner
Open AccessOpen Access Yes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Peer ReviewedYes
PMIDPubMed ID 36601738
DOIDOI 10.15252/emmm.202216111
Publication Year2023
TitleSynaptogenic gene therapy with FGF22 improves circuit plasticity and functional recovery following spinal cord injury
JournalEMBO Molecular Medicine
Journal AbbreviationEMBO Mol Med
AuthorsAljović A, Jacobi A, Marcantoni M, Kagerer F, Loy K, Kendirli A, Bräutigam J, Fabbio L, Van Steenbergen V, Pleśniar K, Kerschensteiner M, Bareyre FM
First AuthorAljović A
Last AuthorBareyre FM

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 0000-0002-4943-0509  ORCID identifier (Fritz Kagerer)

 0000-0001-6888-9131  ORCID identifier (Arek Kendirli)

 0000-0001-7953-2162  ORCID identifier (Luca Rosario Angelo Fabbio)

 0000-0002-5836-2122  ORCID identifier (Valérie van Steenbergen)

 0000-0003-4898-9383  ORCID identifier (Martin Kerschensteiner)

 0000-0002-0917-1725  ORCID identifier (Florence M. Bareyre)

 05591te55  ROR identifier (05591te55, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)

 025z3z560  ROR identifier (025z3z560, Munich Cluster for Systems Neurology)

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