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A deep learning-based toolbox for Automated Limb Motion Analysis (ALMA) in murine models of neurological disorders(Open Access) Aljovic A, Zhao S, (...), Bareyre FMCommunications Biology2022
Synaptogenic gene therapy with FGF22 improves circuit plasticity and functional recovery following spinal cord injury(Open Access) Aljović A, Jacobi A, (...), Bareyre FMEMBO Molecular Medicine2023
Optical coherence tomography angiography indicates subclinical retinal disease in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders(Open Access) Aly L, Strauß E, (...), Knier BMultiple Sclerosis Journal2021
Dynamics of Retinal Vessel Loss After Acute Optic Neuritis in Patients With Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis(Open Access) Aly L, Noll C, (...), Knier BNeurology - Neuroimmunology Neuroinflammation2022
Ganglioside lipidomics of central nervous system myelination using direct infusion shotgun mass spectrometry(Open Access) Arends M, Weber M, (...), Simons MiScience2022
NMDAR1 autoantibodies amplify behavioral phenotypes of genetic white matter inflammation: a mild encephalitis model with neuropsychiatric relevance(Open Access) Arinrad S, Wilke JBH, (...), Ehrenreich HMolecular Psychiatry2021
Isolated catatonia-like executive dysfunction in mice with forebrain-specific loss of myelin integrity(Open Access) Arinrad S, Depp C, (...), Nave KbioRxiv2022
Myelin lipids as nervous system energy reserves(Open Access) Asadollahi E, Trevisiol A, (...), Nave KbioRxiv2022
Proteomics separates adult-type diffuse high-grade gliomas in metabolic subgroups independent of 1p/19q codeletion and across IDH mutational status(Open Access) Bader JM, Deigendesch N, Misch M, Mann M, Koch A, Meissner FCell Reports Medicine2022
Plasticity of callosal neurons in the contralesional cortex following traumatic brain injury(Open Access) Bareyre F, Chovsepian A, Empl LNeural Regeneration Research2022