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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Size‐Selective Transfer of Lipid Nanoparticle‐Based Drug Carriers Across the Blood Brain Barrier Via Vascular Occlusions Following Traumatic Brain Injury(Open Access) Khalin I, Adarsh N, (...), Plesnila NSmall2022
Tissue-resident memory CD8+ T cells cooperate with CD4+ T cells to drive compartmentalized immunopathology in the CNSVincenti I, Page N, (...), Merkler DScience Translational Medicine2022
Introducing the brain erythropoietin circle to explain adaptive brain hardware upgrade and improved performance(Open Access) Ehrenreich H, Garcia-Agudo LF, Steixner-Kumar AA, Wilke JBH, Butt UJMolecular Psychiatry2022
Molecular Signature of Astrocytes for Gene Delivery by the Synthetic Adeno‐Associated Viral Vector rAAV9P1(Open Access) Bauer A, Puglisi M, (...), Brack‐Werner RAdvanced Science2022
Intranasal delivery of a small-molecule ErbB inhibitor promotes recovery from acute and late-stage CNS inflammation(Open Access) Linnerbauer M, Lößlein L, (...), Rothhammer VJCI Insight2022
Selective plasticity of callosal neurons in the adult contralesional cortex following murine traumatic brain injury(Open Access) Empl L, Chovsepian A, (...), Bareyre FMNature Communications2022
CNS Treg cells have alternative functions but run on conventional fuel(Open Access) Korn TNature Immunology2022
Ly6D+Siglec-H+ precursors contribute to conventional dendritic cells via a Zbtb46+Ly6D+ intermediary stage(Open Access) Lutz K, Musumeci A, (...), Krug ABNature Communications2022
Distinct roles of the meningeal layers in CNS autoimmunity(Open Access) Merlini A, Haberl M, (...), Odoardi FNature Neuroscience2022
P2R Inhibitors Prevent Antibody-Mediated Complement Activation in an Animal Model of Neuromyelitis Optica(Open Access) Kalluri SR, Srivastava R, (...), Herwerth MNeurotherapeutics2022