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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Ly6D+Siglec-H+ precursors contribute to conventional dendritic cells via a Zbtb46+Ly6D+ intermediary stage(Open Access) Lutz K, Musumeci A, (...), Krug ABNature Communications2022
Distinct roles of the meningeal layers in CNS autoimmunity(Open Access) Merlini A, Haberl M, (...), Odoardi FNature Neuroscience2022
P2R Inhibitors Prevent Antibody-Mediated Complement Activation in an Animal Model of Neuromyelitis Optica(Open Access) Kalluri SR, Srivastava R, (...), Herwerth MNeurotherapeutics2022
IL-24 intrinsically regulates Th17 cell pathogenicity in mice(Open Access) Sie C, Kant R, (...), Korn TJournal of Experimental Medicine2022
Autoantibodies against NMDAR subunit NR1 disappear from blood upon anesthesia(Open Access) Teller J, Jung C, (...), Ehrenreich HBrain, Behavior, & Immunity - Health2022
DNA-PAINT MINFLUX nanoscopy(Open Access) Ostersehlt LM, Jans DC, (...), Jakobs SNature Methods2022
Ketogenic diet uncovers differential metabolic plasticity of brain cells(Open Access) Düking T, Spieth L, (...), Saher GScience Advances2022
For decades against the mainstream – from erythropoietin and hypoxia as novel treatment strategies to deep phenotyping in neuropsychiatric disordersEhrenreich HPsychiatry Research2022
Ganglioside lipidomics of central nervous system myelination using direct infusion shotgun mass spectrometry(Open Access) Arends M, Weber M, (...), Simons MiScience2022
CD8+ T cells induce interferon-responsive oligodendrocytes and microglia in white matter aging(Open Access) Kaya T, Mattugini N, (...), Simons MNature Neuroscience2022