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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Concurrent axon and myelin destruction differentiates X‐linked adrenoleukodystrophy from multiple sclerosis(Open Access) Bergner CG, Genc N, (...), Stadelmann CGlia2021
Chemogenetic approaches to unravel circuit wiring and related behavior after spinal cord injury(Open Access) Van Steenbergen V, Bareyre FMExperimental Neurology2021
Autoantibodies against NMDA receptor 1 modify rather than cause encephalitis(Open Access) Wilke JBH, Hindermann M, (...), Ehrenreich HMolecular Psychiatry2021
Brain erythropoietin fine-tunes a counterbalance between neurodifferentiation and microglia in the adult hippocampus(Open Access) Fernandez Garcia-Agudo L, Steixner-Kumar AA, (...), Ehrenreich HCell Reports2021
TREM2-dependent lipid droplet biogenesis in phagocytes is required for remyelinationGouna G, Klose C, (...), Simons MJ Exp Med2021
Notch-mediated re-specification of neuronal identity during central nervous system development(Open Access) Engerer P, Petridou E, (...), Godinho LCurrent Biology2021
Repositioning TH cell polarization from single cytokines to complex helpTuzlak S, Dejean AS, (...), Becher BNature Immunology2021
Addressing the ‘hypoxia paradox’ in severe COVID-19: literature review and report of four cases treated with erythropoietin analogues(Open Access) Begemann M, Gross O, (...), Ehrenreich HMolecular Medicine2021
Proteomic and lipidomic profiling of demyelinating lesions identifies fatty acids as modulators in lesion recovery(Open Access) Penkert H, Bertrand A, (...), Simons MCell Reports2021
Río‐Hortega's drawings revisited with fluorescent protein defines a cytoplasm‐filled channel system of CNS myelin(Open Access) Edgar JM, McGowan E, (...), Boullerne AJournal of Anatomy2021