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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
CD8+ T cells induce interferon-responsive oligodendrocytes and microglia in white matter aging(Open Access) Kaya T, Mattugini N, (...), Simons MNature Neuroscience2022
CNS remyelination and inflammation: From basic mechanisms to therapeutic opportunities(Open Access) Franklin RJ, Simons MNeuron2022
Factors predisposing to humoral autoimmunity against brain-antigens in health and disease Analysis of 49 autoantibodies in over 7000 subjects(Open Access) Daguano Gastaldi V, Bh Wilke J, (...), Ehrenreich HBrain, Behavior, and Immunity2022
A deep learning-based toolbox for Automated Limb Motion Analysis (ALMA) in murine models of neurological disorders(Open Access) Aljovic A, Zhao S, (...), Bareyre FMCommunications Biology2022
Isolated catatonia-like executive dysfunction in mice with forebrain-specific loss of myelin integrity(Open Access) Arinrad S, Depp C, (...), Nave KbioRxiv2022
TDP-43 condensates and lipid droplets regulate the reactivity of microglia and regeneration after traumatic brain injuryZambusi A, Novoselc KT, (...), Ninkovic JNature Neuroscience2022
Cognate microglia–T cell interactions shape the functional regulatory T cell pool in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis pathologyHaimon Z, Frumer GR, (...), Jung SNature Immunology2022
Plasticity of callosal neurons in the contralesional cortex following traumatic brain injury(Open Access) Bareyre F, Chovsepian A, Empl LNeural Regeneration Research2022
Postmortem quantitative MRI disentangles histological lesion types in multiple sclerosis(Open Access) Galbusera R, Bahn E, (...), Granziera CBrain Pathology2022
MCU controls melanoma progression through a redox‐controlled phenotype switch(Open Access) Stejerean‐Todoran I, Zimmermann K, (...), Bogeski IEMBO reports2022