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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Multi-color live-cell STED nanoscopy of mitochondria with a gentle inner membrane stain(Open Access) Liu T, Stephan T, (...), Chen ZbioRxiv2022
Olfactory transmucosal SARS-CoV-2 invasion as a port of central nervous system entry in individuals with COVID-19(Open Access) Meinhardt J, Radke J, (...), Heppner FLNature Neuroscience2021
Microglia facilitate repair of demyelinated lesions via post-squalene sterol synthesis.(Open Access) Berghoff SA, Spieth L, (...), Saher GNature Neuroscience2021
Phagocyte-mediated synapse removal in cortical neuroinflammation is promoted by local calcium accumulation(Open Access) Jafari M, Schumacher A, (...), Kerschensteiner MNature Neuroscience2021
Completion of neuronal remodeling prompts myelination along developing motor axon branchesWang M, Kleele T, (...), Brill MSJournal of Cell Biology2021
Myelin biogenesis is associated with pathological ultrastructure that is resolved by microglia during development(Open Access) Djannatian M, Weikert U, (...), Simons MbioRxiv2021
Post-injury immunosuppression and secondary infections are caused by an AIM2 inflammasome-driven signaling cascadeRoth S, Cao J, (...), Liesz AImmunity2021
Formation and immunomodulatory function of meningeal B-cell aggregates in progressive CNS autoimmunity(Open Access) Mitsdörffer M, Di Liberto G, (...), Korn TBrain2021
Proteomics reveals distinct mechanisms regulating the release of cytokines and alarmins during pyroptosis(Open Access) Phulphagar K, Kühn LI, (...), Meissner FCell Reports2021
CaMKIIα Expressing Neurons to Report Activity-Related Endogenous Hypoxia upon Motor-Cognitive Challenge(Open Access) Butt UJ, Hassouna I, (...), Ehrenreich HInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences2021